Karina Taraniuk

Candidate of Sciences in Economics (Ph.D.)

Senior Lecturer

Deputy Chief of the Department

Education and qualification

2013− Highest Attestation Committee of Ukraine, Candidate of Sciences in Economics (Ph.D.);

2011– Ph.D. Program graduation, SSU;

1999− Institute training personnel by Ministry of Industrial Policy, specialist in "Finance and credit", diploma;

1997–  Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (civil engineer)

Recent Seminars:

1.The Internship for staff  “Balancing economic and legal processes in society and business environment in the context of globalization”at University of Economics – Varna, BULGARIA,September 2016;

2. The Internship for staff  “Experience in preparation of highly qualified personnel, organization of educational process and innovative teaching methods” at ESEI International Business School Barcelona, SPAIN,2017

Major administrative roles

Tutor of a chair of management in course design for distant-learning;

Reviewer in course design for distant-learning;

Deputy head of a chair of management  in  course design for distant-learning

Current research

Ecologically-oriented strategies for managing the socio-economic development of the territory

Formation of principles, methods and mechanism of rational redistribution of natural rent in the system "state-region- subject of management"

Scientific Mentoring of undergraduate students

Annual participation in competitions in Management as a couch. Annual publication of results of collaborative researches with students

Current Undergraduate Teaching

Psychology of management (BSc)

Human Resource Management (MS)

Project Communications Management (MS)

Managing Organizational Communication (MS)


Languages of teaching: English (Pearson test  education PTE (English)-B2 №00061818 від 18.08.2016), Russian and Ukrainian

Selected publications


Administrative management for Masters: textbook  / edited by O. Telischenko and  S.Glivenko  – Symy: University Book, 2016. - in Ukrainian.


1.      Taraniuk K. Financial support for preventive measures to reduce environmental risks at regional levelProblems of rational use of socio-economic and natural-resource potential of the region: financial policy and investments: Collection of scientific works. V.XVII №2 - Rivne. - 2011. 48-55in Ukrainian.

2.      Taraniuk K .Methodical bases of environmental risk management at the regional level //Journal Mechanism of Economic Regulation. - 2012. - № 4. - С. 132-138

3.      Taraniuk К.Karpishchenko A., Taraniuk l., LyulyovА., Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Outsourcing Business Processes in the Management of Trade Enterprise//Journal  “Mechanism of Economic Regulation”, 2015, No 4, 78–87in Ukrainian.

4.      Taraniuk K .,Taraniuk L. The Organizational and economic aspects of benchmarking innovative products at the  automobile industry enterprise //"Marketing and management of innovations" Section "Innovation management" collection of scientific works. №2 - Sumy. - 2016. P.108 – 116-in Ukrainian.

5.      Taraniuk K .,Taraniuk L. Methodological basis of risk management system with regard to industrial activities in the course of radical transformations//Economic Journal - XXI .- Kyiv: ST "Print", 2016. - No. 156 (1-2) - P. 67-70. -in Ukrainian.

 Recent Presentations:

1.      Taraniuk K . The Classification of environmental risks in order to optimize sources of financing for environmental measures// Economic problems of sustainable development : materials of International scientific and practical conference 24-26th of April, 2012 / Edited by O. Prokopenko and O. Lulov. — Sumy : SSU, 2012. — Vol.2. — P. 155-157.

2.      Taraniuk K. Grigoriev O., Goryainova O. Trends in financing energy saving projects // Economic problems of sustainable development : materials of International scientific and practical conference in memory of Prof. Balatsky, 24-26th of April, 2015 / Edited by O. Prokopenko and O. Lulov. — Sumy : SSU, 2015. — Vol.1. — P. 433-434.in Ukrainian.

3.      Taraniuk K.,Goryainova O The Problems of integration of public organizations in the public space // International Internet Conference "Ecological Economics: Conflicts and Management Challenges" Sumy-2015 P.1-3in Ukrainian.

4.       Taraniuk K. The Environmental safety as a component of sustainable development// Materials of the 3rd All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference "Sustainable Development and Ecological Safety of a Society in Economic Transformations" / Research Institute of Sustainable Development and Nature Management, RVPS of Ukraine of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Crimean Institute of KNEU named Vadym Hetman - Sumy: Publishing of SSU - 2012.- P.267-269in Ukrainian.

5.      Taraniuk K.  Borshchov V. The Difficulties of implementation and proposals for the construction of the "e-government" system in Ukraine//Economic problems of sustainable development : materials of International scientific and practical conference in memory of Prof. Balatsky, 24-26th of April, 2015 / Edited by O. Prokopenko and O. Lulov. — Sumy : SSU, 2016. — Vol 2. — P. 226-227.in Ukrainian

6.       Taraniuk K .The Methodological basic of forming a risk management system for reengineering business processes of industrial enterprises / Taraniuk K .,Taraniuk L// Materials of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Problems of Enterprise Management: Theory and Practice" (Kharkiv, March 24-25, 2016). - Kharkiv: NTMT, 2016. - P.414-417in Ukrainian.

7.      Taraniuk K .The organizational-economic bases of introduction of alternative energy // Materials of International conference " Ukraine-Bulgaria -European Union: Current State and Prospects " (24 september—1october 2016, Varna, Bulgaria): UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS – VARNA-2016.-Т2-С.233-235. - in Russian

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