Public service

We provide training highly qualified responsible personnel for public administration and local government, who are capable to analyze, design and implement public policy; creatively, efficiently and effectively perform administrative functions; promote innovative processes in the society for strengthening social justice, democracy, human rights and freedoms, sustainable development through international.

The program aims to train professionals to work in positions I-IV categories of public service, service in local government and other state institutions and organizations, covered by the law of Ukraine «About public service» (categories of positions in public administration).

Generalized object of specialists from the public service are: organizational and administrative work on practical tasks and functions of the state for local government. Provides a combination of deep theoretical training with practical skill in public administration. In the professional training of students special attention is paid to issues such as policy analysis, strategic planning, technology of management and decision making as well, management of organizations, the mechanisms of understanding.

Graduates of this specialization may hold the following positions:

  • of local government;
  • managers in research and development;
  • managers of law, accounting, market research, of public opinion studying, consulting on business and management;
  • professionals of public service;
  • secretaries of the administrative authorities.

The educational process is carried out by professional teachers who have academic rank of professors. Most teachers have over 10 years experience in teaching and experience of research activities. The department staff is actively working with leading organizations and companies in Sumy region and beyond, have links with scientists of countries near and far abroad. Teachers of the department actively participate in international and interuniversity conferences, seminars, publish their work in the international publishing houses.

The department of management functions postgraduate and doctoral of economic specialties.

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