Project management

The specialization «Project Management» includes the following activities:

  • planning of the process of project resources management (including management of work content, work cost value, work quality, human resource management, risk management, purchasing management etc);
  • selection and formation of project team;
  • making project decisions;
  • making decision regarding the emergencies prevention and response;
  • formation and support of favourable psychological climate in team.

Primary position of specialists of the specialization «Project Management» are:

  • program director;
  • chief program and project manager;
  • project director;
  • project manager;
  • head of the project group, department, development programs and projects development and realization centre;
  • chief specialist or project manager in the department in industry, building, transport and communication enterprises;
  • chief project engineer;
  • head of scientific research and development units;
  • projects planning manager;
  • project coordinator;
  • project manager assistant etc.

Training in «Project Management» has several advantages:

  • advanced software tools for managing projects;
  • training of highly qualified specialists;
  • practical skills on developing business projects;
  • formation of your team;
  • practical skills in creative groups, project teams;
  • mastering knowledge and skills relevant in planning that is valuable for the purposes of personal growth;
  • development of creative thinking and creativity that will form the basis of innovative behavior and innovation;
  • obtaining competence required in all economy sectors;
  • acquisition of skills of professional development in accordance with current market requirements.

On the specialization «Project Management» we accept people who have Bachelor or Specialist diploma, regardless of field of study (speciality).

The educational process is carried out by professional teachers who have academic rank of professors and assoc. professors. Most teachers have over 10 years experience in teaching and scientific research activity. The department staff actively cooperates with leading organizations and companies in Sumy region and beyond, have business relationships with scientists of distant and near foreign countries. Teachers of the department actively participate in international and interuniversity conferences, seminars, publish their work in international publishing houses.

Postgraduate and Doctoral Departments on economic specialities operate on the basis of the Department of Management.

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