Oleksii Demikhov

Senior lecturer of the Department
Ph.D in public administration

Education and qualifications

In 1999 I graduated from Sumy National Agrarian University with honors, got a specialty "Accounting and Audit", specialization "Financing and Lending", qualification economist-accountant.
In 2006 graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine, received a degree in law, qualification as a lawyer.

Research interest

  • public administration in the sphere of municipal economy
  • public housing policy

Basic training courses

Training courses "Manager (manager) of a dwelling house", which work since 2016 at the Department of Management and opened jointly with the Central Department of Internal Affairs of the SSU.
Teaching languages: 

Pedagogical work in the field of scientific research:
Demikhov O. participated in the organization of work and taught subjects at the courses "Manager (manager) of a residential building", which were opened in 2016 with the Department of Management together with the Central State Administration of the SSU. In total, during 2016, 2 editions of cadets were held.


1. Assistant of the Department of Management of the Academic and Research Institute of Finance, Economics and Management Demikhov Oleksii trained at the Jean Monnet Summer School under the Erasmus + European Union Program in the area of "Legislation and Public Health Policy", during September 24-28, 2018. The event took place at the Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP) State University in Santander (Cantabrian Community Administrative Center in Spain). An intensive training workshop was devoted to comparative analysis of various contemporary health problems and relevant public policies in Europe and America. Practitioners and health researchers, physicians, lawyers and scientists of the relevant profile became participants of the workshop. 29 students from 13 countries attended the workshop. As lecturers there were experienced researchers and scientists from Canada, the Netherlands, Italy, Brazil, Denmark and Spain. At the end of the event, the participants received the relevant certificates.

2. Аssistant of the Department of Management Demikhov Oleksii was trained as part of the Orienteering Course of the Common Security and Defense Policy of the EU during October 22-26, 2018. Training events were conducted by experts from the European Defense College (Belgium) at the Ivan Chernyakhovsky National University of Defense (Kiev). The course was consisted of lectures and trainings on European security strategies, structures and procedures of the common security and defense policy, capacity development, as well as on missions and operations of the European Union. As a result of training participants received certificates.

Selected publications

1. Demikhov O., Luk`yanyhin V., Telizhenko A. The world experience of state regulation mechanisms of Housing // Aspects of public administration. - 2015. – № 11-12 (25-26). - P.109-117;
2. Luk`yanyhin V., Demikhov O. Public administration mechanisms in the aspect of attracting investors for the development of housing infrastructure/ V. Luk`yanyhin, O. Demikhov// Actual problems of public administration. – 2016. - №1(49). - P.88-93;
3. Using of information and telecommunication technologies and problem-based learning (PBL) in the formation of competitive competence in medical masters of sumy state university / Demikhova N.V., Smiianov V.A., Prikhodko O.A., Telizhenko O.M., Lukyanikhin V.O., Lukyanikhina O.A., Demikhov O.I. // Azerbaijan Medical Journal. – 2016. – №2. – P. 95-101 (SCOPUS);
4. Using problem-based learning (PBL) and interactive methods in teaching subjects in medical education / N. Demikhova, O. Prykhodko, A. Loboda, V. Bumeister, Y. Smiianov, V. Lukianykhin, O. Demikhov // Journal of PBL in Higher Education. – 2016. – Vol. 4, №1. – Р.81-90;  
5. Demikhov O. Philosophy of cities in Ukraine - the right of citizens to participate in municipal management on the example Sumy city // Aspects of public administration. - 2016. - № 4-5 (30-31). - P.70-77;
6. Demikhov O. Geographic information systems as municipality management decisions modeling in the area of city infrastructure efficiency // Actual problems of public administration. – 2016. - №3 (67). - P.68-74 (COPERNICUS);
7. Demikhov O. Information and communicative aspect in the public management of the city's infrastructure/ O. Demikhov// Effectiveness of public administration. – 2016. - №4 (49). - P.275-281 (COPERNICUS);
8. Demikhov O. Elements of the public administrative mechanism in housing sector/O. Demikhov//International scientific Refereed and reviewed journal «Innovative economics and management». – Batumi: National Institute of Economic Research and Batumi Navigation Teaching Institute, № 4(1) 2017. – Р.106-110 (COPERNICUS);
9. Dehtyarova I., Demikhov O. Theoretical-methodological and practical aspects of formation and development in Ukraine models of public housing policy/ I. Dehtyarova, O. Demikhov// Collection of scientific works National Academy of Public Administration. - Kyiv: NAPA, 2017.-Vol.2-P.22-44 (COPERNICUS);
10. Demikhova N., Chernatska O., Mazur T., Bokova S., Rudenko T., Bumeister V., Demikhov O. Markers of cardiovascular complications in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and arterial hypertension // Bangladesh Journal of Medical Science. - 2018. – Vol. 17, № 2. - P.319-322 (SCOPUS). 
Participation in scientific conferences:
1.  Demikhov O., Luk`yanyhin V. Aspects of state investment attractiveness of residential infrastructure //Economics, science, education: integration and synergy, Bratislava, Slovak Republic. - 2016. - P. 51-52;
2. Demikhov O. IT modeling of administrative decisions of the municipality in the area of residential infrastructure of the city / O. Demikhov // Materials of the scientific-practical conference on international participation (Lviv, 2016.) - P.27-29;
3. Demikhov O. Philosophy cities in Ukraine - the origins and contemporary context of the example Sumy city // Materials of the VI International Scientific and Theoretical Conference, Kharkiv. - 2016. - P. 23-25;
4. Demikhov O. Information technology as a communication platform between municipality and society / O. Demikhov// Materials of the annual scientific and practical conference on international participation (Kyiv, 2016.) – 199 P.;
5. Demikhov O. Development of mechanisms of state and municipal management of the city's housing stock in conditions of decentralization in Ukraine / O. Demikhov// Materials of the international scientific and practical conference (Kharkiv, 2017.) - P. 1-3;
6. Demikhov O. Development of elements of the mechanism of public administration infrastructure of housing /O. Demikhov// Materials of the International Scientific and Practical Conference «STABICON systems-2017» (Sumy, 2017.) – P. 41-43;
7. Demikhov O. Legal element the public administrative mechanism in the housing sector of cities/O. Demikhov//Modern marine technologies, problems of socio-economic development and ways of their solution: International research conference (Batumi, 24 June 2017) – P.23-24;
8. Demikhov O. Development of public housing policy in the housing sector as a country's European integration priority /O. Demikhov// Materials of the annual scientific and practical conference on international participation (Кyiv, 2017.) – P.181-184;
9. Demikhov O. Principles of formation and realization of public housing policy as criteria of effectiveness of local self-government bodies /O. Demikhov // Materials of scientific and practical conference on international participation "Local self-government: 20 years of achievements and further progress" (Kyiv, December 05, 2017) (electronic edition) - P.67-69;
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