Administrative management

The specialization «Administrative Management» include the following activities:

  • organization and management of structural
  • subdivisions of state and municipal
  • administration authorities;
  • organization and management of
  • enterprises in different sectors of tangible and
  • intangible production;
  • crisis management;
  • regional development management;
  • management of social and psychological
  • relations in a team;
  • formation of territory social and economic
  • development plans;
  • management of intercommunications with public and so on.

According to the national classifier of professions NK 003: 2010, graduators of the specialty and specialization «Administrative Management» can receive the profession:

  • heads of enterprises, institutions and organizations;
  • leaders of industrial and functional departments (marketing, economic, legal and administrative, personnel departments and social and labor relations, departments in advertising and public relations);
  • managers in financing activities;
  • managers in research and development;
  • managers in the law, accounting, market research, studying public opinion, consultations on business and management;
  • managers in education, health, social issues and other professions.

Specialists of the specialization «Administrative Management» can hold the following leading positions:

  • CEO of organizations;
  • executive managers;
  • heads of human resources and social and labour relations departments;
  • heads of subdivisions on advertising and public relations,
  • heads of subdivisions of material and technical supply;
  • leaders of research subdivisions;
  • managers on foreign economic activity;
  • managers on logistics.

Modern technologies of administration will allow you to improve your own competitiveness!

Mastering the specialization «Administrative Management» reveals the maximal opportunities for career advancement.

The main advantages of the specialization: universal nature of the object of graduators' activity: enterprises in manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors, institutions and organizations, business structures, educational and scientific institutions

On the speciality «Management» specialization «Administrative Management» we accept people who have Bachelor or Specialist diploma, regardless of field of study (speciality). The educational process is carried out by professional teachers who have academic rank of professors and assoc. professors. Most teachers have over 10 years experience in teaching and scientific research activity. The department staff actively cooperates with leading organizations and companies in Sumy region and beyond, have business relationships with scientists of distant and near foreign countries. Teachers of the department actively participate in international and interuniversity conferences, seminars, publish their work in international publishing houses.

Postgraduate and Doctoral Departments on economic specialities operates on the basis on department of management.

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