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«Public Management and Administration»

Why "Public Management and Administration"?

  • high demand for graduates of the specialty in the conditions of reforming of economy;
  • educating not only students, but also deputies of local councils and civil servants;
  • our graduates will provide the European level of provision of administrative services based on «Good Governance» principals;
  • internship in government departments in Ukraine and abroad;
  • number of instructors have practical experience of working in local government;
  • educational process involves a wide range of excursions and meetings with political leaders;
  • our students acquire leadership skills that are essential in the field of public administration.

Чому кафедра управління?

Why Department of Management?

  • the founder of the department is Oleg Fedorovich Balatsky, a world-class scientist;
  • department is the most experienced in the training of managers and administrators in the region;
  • department is directly involved in organization of training and employment of students;
  • providing modern practice-oriented knowledge and use of the project approach in educational activities;
  • department has a laboratory of social and economic research;
  • department maintains a constant relationship with employers and provides practical training and excursions in various enterprises;
  • department provides a wide range of specialties for bachelors and masters;
  • students all over Ukraine study the textbooks of the department.
Specialty Items of external independent evaluation
Management Ukrainian language and literature Mathematics History of Ukraine
Foreign language*

*− Foreign language – English / German / French

The weights of all items of external independent evaluation – 0,3

The weighting factor of the average score of a document about full secondary education – 0,1