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Associate professor of the Department of Management has passed 10-month training programme at the University of Porto 

From the beginning of September,2016 to the end of June, 2017 associate professor of the Department of Management Iuliia Myroshnychenko has passed 10-month training programme at the University of Porto (Faculty of Economics) within EMINENCE II project. It became possible due to the active participation of Sumy State University and Oleg Balatskyi Academic and Research Institute of Finance, Economics and  Management, in particular,within the framework of the European Commission's programme Erasmus Mundus Action 2.Research projectwas entitled “Estimation of the impact of social, political and economic institutions on corruption-related decision-making model in the business context”.

Result of research was presented at International scientific conference “The development of International Competitiveness: State, Region, Enterprise” (December 16th, 2016, Lisbon, Portugal), with the publication of the paper “Is it worth fighting corruption for growth?” co-authored with the supervisor from Host University, Prof Pedro Cosme da Costa Vieira. Obtained scientific results will be published in the indexed international journal.

In addition, Iuliia Myroshnychenko during the internship assisted the teaching of the course “Calculation and Financial Instruments” (42 hours, 6 ECTS,chair of the subject - Prof Pedro Cosme da Costa Vieira) and, attended classes “Information Management” (42 hours, 6 ECTS) at Faculty of Economics.

Result of research, in part of estimation the impact of corruption on growth using a short panel data with using R programing” has been used as support material in the course of “Information Management” at the University of Porto.

IuliiaMyroshnychenko actively attended short term advanced training in economics (“Introduction to R language programming”, “Macroeconomic analysis with empirical time series models”, “Risk Management and Quantitative Finance: From the statistical analysis of classical data to symbolic data analyses”,“Topics in Econometrics” and in many economic and financial seminars which was hold at the Host university.

The teaching and research work at the University of Porto provided the teacher from Department of Management with the opportunity to adopt advanced teaching methods, to conduct research among Portuguese economists, to expand the range of contacts for submitting joint applications for grants and publication of articles.