Перемикач мов англ

Ukrainian Olympiads go on!

On 4th and 5th of May the II Tour of Ukrainian Olympiad in specialty “Management of Organizations and Administrating” took place at Ternopil National Economic University. The total quantity of participants was: 56students of Master study programmes, and 63 students of Bachelor level. The participants represented the HEI form all oblasts of Ukraine. Sumy State University was presented by students of the department of management Surzhyk Daryna (group M.m-61an) and Pustovar Nataliia (group M-31u). During the day students were put on trial of their competences, talents and stamina. The Olympiad tasks were performed by tests and calculations. Pustovar Nataliia had conquered IV place and Surzhyk Daryna – V place in general. Our students had entered into TOP-20 among the best students of Ukraine.

Take our congratulations and wishes of further success!