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International cooperation goes on!

I International Conference «STABICONsystems-2017»took place on 27th of April at Sumy State University. This conference is multidisciplinary and unites fundamental and applied sciences, such as:

- Sustainability: sustainable development, environmentalism, energy challenges;

- Trading under condition of global competition;

- Administration and Public Service;

- Business-projects and corporate social responsibility;

- Innovations.

- Controlling in a sphere of energy consumption.

Our colleagues from Kaunas Technological University arrived to take part in conference within the International Lithuanian-Ukrainian projects cooperation. It is necessary to mention that this year the conference is organized jointly by the efforts of two departments – department of management and department of economics and business-administration.

Alona M. Serhiienko started the welcoming speech and after her, Tetiana Vasylieva, director of Director of Balatsky Academic and Scientific Institute of Finance, Economics and Managementwelcomed participants and guests. Professor Leonid Melnyk, Head of department of economics and business-administration, shared his memories about many years of research with Oleg Balatsky and his team in a sphere of rational nature use and environmental economics. This year Professor Balasky would have had 80 years old, and the conference is dedicated to his memory.

The plenary meeting was presented by the scientific reports of such researchers from Kaunas Technology University, as Dr. Lina Sineviciene and Associate Professor Aura Draksaite. Sumy State University was presented by Dr., Professor Irina Sotnik, Post-Doc, Assoicate Professor OlexanderKubatko and Dr., Professor Leonid Melnyk.

At the workshops students of Balatsky ASI FEM performed their results of the scientific activity while the jury was evaluating their presentations. The jury members were representatives of Scientific Association of Students, Postgraduate Students and Young Scientists of ASI FEM.

In the conclusion the results allowed to identify the best speakers and to award them with the USB-flash drives as a prizes. All participants got the certificates, and the winners were:

I place – Yakushko Tetyana, group E-32an;

II place – Shiyan Andrii, group E-41;

III place – Bashir Laura, group M.m-32ang

We congratulate the winners and participants of the conference and wish them further success in scientific activity!