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Students of the Institute FEM SSU passed short-internships on Antonov Company and visited Ukraine's first innovative city - UNIT.City

On April 26, 2017 students of the Institute FEM SSU visited Kyiv city, where they passed short-internshipson Antonov Company with thematic excursions and visited Ukraine's first innovative city - UNIT.City.

In the event was attended 13 representatives of the Institute FEM.

It's was organizers - lecturers of the department of management H. A.Mishenina, Yu.A. Matvieieva and 11 students from different specialties.

L. Ye Ivasenko head of the National Museum of the Antonov Companyis held the thematic excursion. She introduced students with the work of the company and organized a meeting with his key personnel. The participants visited the halls of design, the testing laboratory, production workshops, museum of the company.

Ye. A. Voropaiev -design engineer of the first category told about a variety of tests in the wind tunnel - a complex "АТ - 1", which provides full cycle of aerodynamic experiment - from design and development of experimental models to test equipment for the issue of recommendations and conclusions.

I. B. Puhach Deputy Head of Computer Information Technologies held a presentation of information and software complex of the Antonov Company. He told about features of the designing of aircraft and demonstrated features of 3D-modeling in the field of aircraft construction.

At the enterprise the participants got the possibility acquainted with the activity assembly shop, where today are manufactured instances of regional jet aircrafts AN-148 and AN-158 and others.

At the meeting with the students visited presidential adviser of the Antonov CompanyHonored Test Pilot, Hero of Ukraine, Ph.D. - O. V. Halunenko.

He told about the professional way, about the difficult and important work of all staff, that creating planes and gave all invited copy of the book "From Dreams to MRYY and not only ... " with his own autograph.At the end all participants received the certificates of internships on the Antonov Company.

Also in Kyiv students visited the first innovation city in Ukraine - UNIT.City. UNIT.City – it’s city in the city, potential local branches of the creative economy. The area with its buildings and decorative elements reminiscent of the famous campuses Google, Apple and other giants of silicon.

The structure of the innovation cluster includes UNIT Factory (Ukrainian National IT Factory) - only one in Ukraine institution that operates on the innovative French school standards 42. In UNIT Factory teaching program, work in a team and find creative solutions.

Representative of the UNIT Factory with a student of the institution agreed to tour, to share their experience with students.

The students visited the business-campus, sports complex, school of programming UNIT.Factory and had dinner in UNIT.cafe.

Representatives of the Institute FEM SSU express their gratitude for the help in organizing training and thematic tours spokesman for the State Enterprise Antonov O. Yu. Trofymchuk and everyone who contributed to the implementation of this measure.