Students’ studying in Italy

 Within the framework of international cooperation between Sumy State University and the European Union student of Department of management Perepeka Yevheniia  got an unique opportunity to study in Italy for the autumn semester of 2016/2017 academic year. The program ERASMUS+KA1, by which scholarships were obtained, provides a parallel studying at Sumy State University and the University of Foggia - leading educational institution of the Puglia region. University of Fogia was founded in 1999 and nowadays includes 6 faculties, 16 bachelor's and 15 master's programs. Since 2014 University of Foggia has been participating in the Erasmus programs. Participation in the program Erasmus+KA1 is the great opportunity to get the new knowledge, experience and expand the outlook of participants.


The opening of the Scientific and Educational Group «Sumy Cinema Club»!

The «Sumy Cinema Club» is opened under patronage Sumy State University and Scientific Community of Students, Ph.D. Students and Young Scientists of Balatsky ASI FEM. This Scientific and Educational Group is welcome for everyone. This is a place where interesting and popular movies are shown in English with English subtitles and the hot tea is served.

Good atmosphere, the best movies and scientific discussions after every show will touch everyone.

Everyone is welcome on every Wednesday at 17-00 in Main Building, 6th floor, room 609.

Training «team-building» as an instrument of professional orientation for prospective students


October 9, 2016 the Department of Management conducted professional orientation activities in frames of university events devoted to the Welcome Day. In particular, the training on team-building was organized. It was attended by pupils of 9 th-11th grades of Mykolaiv specialized school of Bilopillya district.

The training took place in the form of a game under the guidance of Ph.D., senior lecturer of the Department of Management Yevdokymova A.V. and her assistants - students of the group УП.м-61 Valeriya Bilenko, Yelena Sverdun and Kateryna Shulga. It caused great interest among the students. The purpose of the event is to identify managerial and leadership skills among the participants.


The victory in the All-Ukrainian student research paper contest by UNDP


On June 30, 2016 according to the evaluation of the Committee the paper of the student of the gr. AM.м-51 Vladyslav V. Borschev got the 2nd place in the V All-Ukrainian student research paper contest on local sustainable development.

The research paper contest was held by the Educational network for sustainable development with support of the joint European Union and United Nations Development Programme "Community Based Approach to Local Development – III" Project. Students attended the contest from different universities of Ukraine – the members of the Educational network for sustainable development, Partner Universities of the EU/UNDP "Community Based Approach to Local Development" Project.




Teachers of the Institute of Finance, Economy and Management named by Oleg Balatskyi started the participation in the work of summer language camps. Teachers of the Department of Management were the first. On June 8 Olga Melnyk hold a class to the pupils of the 7-8 th forms of the secondary school No. 20 and on June 9 - with pupils of 5-7 th forms of the secondary school No. 29. Classes were held in the form of training, during which pupils learned the basic economic professions. On the basis of express testing there was found the connection between the pupils’ personal qualities and their inclinations to certain economic specialities. The class was held in English language.


English business game «Evaluation of product competitiveness» with pupils of 10th grade


On June 9, 2016 English-language business game «Evaluation of product competitiveness» was held at the Sumy specialized school 10 of I-III levels named after the Hero of the USSR O. Butko by senior lectures of the Institute FEM named Oleg Balatskiy, the Department of management Myroshnychenko Iuliia and Matvieieva Yuliia.Business game was held within the summer language camps. During the business game pupils were as experts who determine the product competitiveness.A pleasant surprise for pupils was the fact that the object of evaluation was chocolate.


Student participation in the Department of All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on discipline "Strategic Management"


On, 19-20 May, 2016 the Ukrainian Student Olympiad on discipline "Strategic Management" took place on the base of the University KROK. The students had to pass computer testing and solve complex situational task. The representatives of Sumy State University was Iordanova Artem, the bachelor student of the department of management. The students had to demonstrate competence on strategic management, the ability to identify strategic business units and implement strategic positioning of the company. The participants had to apply practical methods of formulating tactical and strategic objectives to gain and retain market position.


FEM teacher training at the School of Public Administration


Senior Lecturer of Department of management Kobushko Ia.V. completed training at the School of Public Administration "Social sector: from expenditure to the development" as part of the individual grant. This medium-term training program for public managers of different levels, initiated by non-governmental analytical center "Institute of Social and Economic Research" ( Kyiv). The training program consisted of 4 modules within three months and defense of the exhaust project "The model of state administration in the sector of social protection".




April 26, the second graduation of students of the condominium management course took place. It was conducted by the Center of Professional and Refresher Post-Qualifying Education together with the Department of Management of Sumy State University. A group of students consisting of 11 people received the state certificates on completion of refresher courses.

Within 10 working days (or 42 hours of study), the students learned the condominium energy management, pre-judicial work with non-paying tenants, legal aspects of the condominium management, the mechanism of tariffs formation, financial and economic basics of the manager’s work.


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